Program of the regional (Kyiv) round table on February 22, 2022

January 27, 2022

As the member of Industry4Ukraine platform, our cluster ‘Central Ukrainian Cluster ‘Engineering-Automation-Machinery’ will organize the round table «Preparing Youth for Industry 4.0» on 22th of February 2022, in Kyiv. This event will consider the challenges that our members, industrial SMEs have with attracting youth to manufacturing as well as topics of their skills to be prepared to Industry 4.0. This event should consolidate our position with State administrations, universities, startups and SMEs.
The topic ‘Preparing Youth for Industry 4.0’ is quite relevant to all topics of EU Industry Weeks as it covers themes of as ‘how to attract youth in manufacturing’, ‘digital skills’, the challenges of ‘digital and green transition’, and how to align our regional and national agenda in this area with EU guidelines.
The topics has a top-priority for the development of local Industry 4.0, and more generally for manufacturing. Young people do not want to work in manufacturing and every year Ukrainian industries become more ageing. We also loose youth in the ‘fight for talents’ with our IT-industry which is already globalized. So, industrial business communities should be much more consolidated and influencing state policy with regard to the topic.
Outcomes of the round table should be in the formulating of clear agenda that addresses the top-challenges in preparing ‘Youth for Industry 4.0’. Our analysis and recommendations will be included into the national agenda that will take place in Kyiv, 3th of March and then communicated to European commission. The recommendations will also be included into the national policy-paper and communicated through all stakeholders.
The round table is planned on 22d of February in Kyiv, Str. Bankova, 2.
It will be offline + online event for 3 hours (11.00-15.00).
The event plan includes several presentation and discussions. We invite to the event leading big industrial enterprises and SMEs, Universities and colleagues, state administrations.