Due to the high dynamics of our equipment is characterized by low time spent on processing any part. Exceptional equipment performance and minimal costs have a positive effect on the cost-effectiveness of order processing.

We offer sapphire crystals in the following sizes

- thickness from 0.5 mm to 8 mm;
- width from 10 mm to 80 mm;
-length up to 355 mm;
- available orientation of sapphire windows in the C plane;
- thickness tolerance: +/- 0.02 mm;
- tolerance of the sizes: +/- 0,05 mm;

Different configurations of Sapphire windows

- square sapphire windows;
- Circle Sapphire windows (classic example: watch glass);
- rectangular sapphire window (chamfered);
- any other form at the request of the customer.


Sapphire windows - A unique set of properties!

Sapphire is much stronger and more resistant to scratches than any glass, including high-strength Gorilla Glass. In addition, sapphire protects against high temperatures, radiation, ultraviolet radiation, chemical resistance and neutrality, transparent even at 2000 ° C and does not lose its properties over time.